Sixth Form Education in Muscat

At our Sixth Form in Muscat, 16-18 year-olds receive an intellectually stimulating, enriching and thought-provoking education. Well-designed lessons aim to broaden their horizons and develop an international mindset, and we welcome senior students who wish to fulfil their true academic potential while also refining their sports and arts skills. Our Sixth Form students are supported throughout their education. They receive exceptional teaching and excellent pastoral care to further elevate their progress as they take their first exciting steps towards a fulfilling and successful professional life.

Benefits of Sixth Form Education

The benefits of our Sixth Form in Muscat are unlimited. In the penultimate and final years of school, it is important that students select curriculum options that pave the way towards the academic and professional pathways they wish to follow after graduation. The Sixth Form environment prepares students to do well at university while offering guidance and support in the degree selection process.

Sixth Forms offer independent learning; guided by lecturers and teachers, students experience full autonomy in their education for the first time and can tailor their programmes to their prior experience and preferred future careers. Although Sixth Form courses present an exciting opportunity for personal development, they are rigorous and require focus and discipline to complete them successfully. Our small yet diverse and inclusive school perfectly balances flexibility and freedom in day-to-day learning with structured, personalised learning support.

Our Sixth Form division delivers two, high-quality courses, each lasting two years. The Oman Bilingual GED and International A-levels are designed to foster discipline, specialised subject knowledge, research abilities, and critical thinking, as these core skills are essential to success at university. In addition to receiving the academic benefits of a bilingual Sixth Form education, our senior students also engage in enriching social and creative pursuits. We offer the widest-ranging Sixth Form co-curricular activities programme in Oman so that while undertaking either the national or international curriculum, our Sixth Form students can fully immerse themselves in their interests and pursue their talents to a higher level.


Why Choose Our Sixth Form in Muscat?

Personalised Pathways

The Sixth Form offers two personalised pathways for post-16 students. Senior pupils may select either the internationally accredited A Level programme or the Ministry of Oman’s bilingual GED programme. Each track combines the strengths of traditional face-to-face teaching with technology-based learning.

Our Sixth Form programmes integrate traditional academic study methods with digitally-enhanced learning to enables students to adapt to changing work environments - a critical success factor for our graduates. This innovative and flexible approach to post-16 education allows young adults to move seamlessly from our Sixth Form in Oman to top universities or high-end employment.


Oman Bilingual GED

This pathway, approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Oman, is offered in Grades 11 and 12. It is typically completed by Omani students but is open to students from other countries. Students who choose the GED route study nine subjects, with Maths, English, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Social Studies and one science subject forming the six core (compulsory) subjects. The core curriculum is complimented by three electives chosen by the student. Besides Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies, all topics are studied in English.

At the Sixth Form level, students are expected to demonstrate a high level of commitment to complete this programme. Subject specifications are based on the Cambridge A Level programme, and those who successfully complete this course will receive a qualification that is recognised and endorsed by the Ministry of Education in Oman. This qualification allows entry to national and international universities that offer a foundation year.

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A Levels

This post-16 pathway offers Sixth Form students the opportunity to specialise in four subjects over 2 years. Advanced Levels, commonly known as A Levels, are widely chosen by our students as they are recognised and respected by top universities worldwide. They are robust, academically rigorous, and an excellent option for those who wish to gain strong foundational knowledge in a particular area(s) in preparation for specialist study at university.

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Sixth Form Entry Requirements

Grade 11: Year 12 Entry

As part of the entry process to the Sixth Form division, all applicants will be required to complete a Cognitive Ability Test (CAT). Prospective students will also be required to:

  • Demonstrate fluency in English at an age-appropriate level and complete an English Language assessment.
  • Have completed a minimum of 5 A*-C (9-4) IGCSEs (or equivalent), with a minimum grade C (4) in IGCSE English Language and Mathematics.
  • Complete specific subject entry criteria for the A Level programme.
  • Provide a positive supporting reference letter from their previous school.
  • Attend a short interview with the school upon arrival in Muscat.

Grade 12: Year 13 Entry

Applications for entry to Grade 12 (UK Year 13) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Sixth Form Facilities

The school environment is designed to enable high standards of learning and study. Our Sixth Form community enjoys an exclusive area designed for group work and socialising, and all of our subjects are extremely well-resourced.


Sixth Form Teachers

Our professors, tutors and lecturers are working researchers and specialists in their subjects, and demonstrate a dedication to helping our young adults succeed. Sixth Form faculty members have been selected as a result of their outstanding track record in achieving examination results that are above international averages.

Sixth Form Assessment

At the Sixth Form level, coursework and exam preparation is supervised by lecturers and subject specialists who lead specific subjects. Students may be required to sit informal tests throughout the year to evaluate their understanding. Sixth Form assessments also offer adequate preparation for final exams as they present topics and questions that have been included in past papers.

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