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Inspired, founded by Nadim M Nsouli, offers a fresh and contemporary approach to education by re-evaluating traditional teaching methods and curricula and creating a more dynamic, relevant and powerful educational model.

An Inspired education extends beyond the confines of traditional academia to tuition in life skills and public speaking, study methods and time management. We firmly believe it is vital that our students are adequately equipped to meet life’s challenges in a globally competitive world.

With offices in London, Milan, Auckland, Bogota, Johannesburg and Dubai, Inspired has regional teams to support our growing family of schools in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. To manage this diversity, we draw upon our wide range of educational and operational management expertise to share best practices across our group.

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Inspired's Educational Philosophy

Inspired schools focus on the individuality of each child by developing their confidence through a broad and engaging curriculum. The “Three Pillars” approach to Inspired learning has Academics at the centre, while the two pillars of Performing Arts and Sports are equally valued. This holistic approach ensures that all students develop into confident, thoughtful, and knowledgeable young people who emerge from their education with broad-ranging skills.

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Address: 6th Floor, 3 Burlington Gardens, London W1S 3EP, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 3867 9961
Chair of Board of Directors: Mr Rabih Saab
Email: rabih.saab@inspirededu.co.uk

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