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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Knowledge Gate International School. We are an innovative, forward-thinking school built on solid foundations of high standards and traditional universal values.

As an Inspired school, we are part of the leading global group for premium education. We offer the broadest curriculum of any private school in Oman, underpinned by a wealth of opportunities and best practice in international pedagogical methods. As a long-standing private school of choice in Muscat, we have a proven track record of delivering high-quality academic outcomes. Our students achieve remarkable results and gain a meaningful stepping stone towards a future of success in their lives beyond school.

Knowledge Gate International School students are well-equipped to be pioneers of their future who thrive with purpose in a rapidly changing world. Our unique future-focused curriculum enables our young people to be resilient, innovative and ingenious.

The first thing that strikes visitors to the school is the welcoming environment and the happy faces of our students who enjoy their learning. Our welcoming and supportive setting is what drives so many parents to choose Knowledge Gate International School over other schools in the region. We are an inclusive and tolerant international community where people are the key focus.

Alongside academic excellence, we actively develop life skills that promote the values of integrity; compassion; gratitude; accountability; benevolence; courage, and empathy. These core values remain at the heart of our culture and are fostered by our educators and pastoral team. Additionally, the positive relationships between staff and students create a magical environment in which members of our community inspire and motivate each other daily.

To be a Knowledge Gate International School student is to be a confident global citizen who can, and will, make a difference. It is our privilege to build a close partnership with you and your children when you become part of the remarkable Knowledge Gate International School family. We look forward to walking this fruitful journey with you and your family.

- Ms. Liz Stanley, Executive Principal

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Our Mission

KGIS believes the world would be a better place if every child is supported to thrive with purpose and pioneer their future.

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Our Vision

KGIS delivers an outstanding, yet affordable, premium British-style education through an exciting and broad curriculum. We are one of over 110 schools worldwide to be part of Inspired, the leading global group of premium schools. As Inspired students, children at KGIS gain a wealth of opportunities and a high-quality education in line with international best practice. To date, Inspired is the only international premium education group in Oman. At KGIS, students are well-equipped to be pioneers of their future who thrive with purpose in a rapidly-changing world. Our unique, future-focused curriculum enables our young people to be resilient, innovative, and ingenious. To be a KGIS student is to be a confident global citizen who can, and will, make a difference.

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Innovative Education

Accreditation and Partnerships

Our school places particular emphasis on integrating technology into the curriculum, and our dedicated teaching team ensures that innovative learning and teaching methods are at the heart of our ethos. We are proud to deliver a carefully-crafted British curriculum that seamlessly progresses students from Kindergarten to Sixth Form education and is supplemented by bilingual learning for native Arabic speakers.

Children grow with a personalised learning approach while undertaking qualifications that include the Cambridge IGCSE, A Levels, and the Omani Bilingual GED. Our broad-spectrum curriculum offers one of the most wide-ranging course options in Oman and includes a range of subjects, including Sociology and Psychology at the secondary education level. The success of KGIS is best seen in the achievements of our students, who are academically driven and motivated to be active leaders in an evolving world.

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