Bilingual GED Programme in Muscat

The Oman Bilingual GED (General Education Diploma) programme offers students in Grades 11 and 12 (Years 12 and 13) an alternative national curriculum pathway to the A Level programme.

Oman Bilingual GED Programme

The Oman Bilingual GED programme delivers a broad range of subjects and supports the development of additional languages, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills - all of which are highly valued by employers. 

As a high-quality programme, the GED qualification also fulfils entry requirements for universities in Oman and overseas. Students may choose which subject to major in for the duration of the course. Depending on the subject selected, those seeking to progress to university may need to complete an additional foundation year at their chosen institution.


Why Study the Oman Bilingual GED at our school in Muscat?

We deliver the Oman GED pathway with excellent results. The majority of our Omani students attain exceptional grades and gain government scholarships for university entrance before doing incredibly well in their degrees. 

Our school's expert teaching team comprises UK-qualified native English speakers who are committed to supporting students to achieve the best possible academic outcomes. In addition, each of our senior students receives extended advice and support from Careers Advisors, who guide them through the government scholarship application process


GED Subjects

We aim to deliver a broad range of subject options for those who wish to follow the Oman Bilingual GED course. If needed, during the subject selection process, students may receive support from their teachers and career advisors. It is recommended that GED candidates design a course that will give them the best chances of success in their studies and facilitate access to their preferred progression route.

GED subjects include:


Advanced Mathematics
Basic Mathematics


Creative and Performing Arts 

Social Sciences
Business Studies

Physical Education

Arabic Subjects
Islamic Studies
Social Studies



Oman Bilingual GED: Uses

The Oman Bilingual GED option is useful for students who wish to continue their studies within the country. Internal government scholarships for Oman universities are available for Omani students and as a national programme, the bilingual GED course also offers a wider choice of subjects, which can be helpful for students who are unsure of which area they wish to pursue at university.


GED Grading System

The Ministry of Education in Oman publishes the official Oman Bilingual GED grading system each year. GED students will receive grades ranging from A-E, with A being the highest possible grade. Students are required to achieve a Grade D or above in each subject to pass the course and be awarded the Diploma.


Requirements to Study the Oman Bilingual GED

Entry for the Oman Bilingual GED is reliant on requirements set by the school. To qualify for the course, prospective students must pass a minimum of four subjects at the IGCSE level. With the exception of Arabic, Islamic Studies and Social Studies, all GED subjects are taught in English; therefore, students are must demonstrate a proficient level of English speaking, writing and reading. Prospective GED students will also be asked to sit an English language assessment before being offered a place.


GED Teaching Staff

Each member of our GED teaching staff is native to the UK and speaks fluent English. Although all of our teachers gained their qualifications in Great Britain, many have been based in Oman for several years. Therefore, they have significant experience delivering the Oman Bilingual GED course material. This means that students receive the best-quality instruction from subject specialists who demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the GED curriculum and exam standards. 

Our Arabic teachers are equally well qualified. Each teacher holds a Bachelor's degree in their field of specialisation and delivers lessons in classical Arabic. As standard, all GED teachers attend regular Ministry of Education training workshops to ensure they are informed of updates and changes to the syllabus.

The Oman Bilingual GED programme and A-Level programme are both Post-16 qualifications that allow students to progress to university. However, there are some key differences between the two courses:

Oman Bilingual GED classes are taught in English and Arabic. It is delivered under the supervision of the Ministry of Education in Oman. In contrast, A-Levels are a British curriculum option accredited by examination boards in the UK and certification is more widely recognised and accepted internationally than the Oman General Education Diploma.

The Oman Bilingual GED focuses on a wider number of subjects than its UK counterpart, which encourages students to specialise and focus their studies in a specific field or subject. Therefore, A-Levels offers a more in-depth study of the subjects chosen.

The Oman Bilingual GED programme is recognised by employers, colleges, and universities in Oman, and in some other countries, as equivalent to a high school diploma. A-Levels are widely recognised by universities and employers around the world as a high-quality, pre-university academic qualification.

Students who achieve the Oman Bilingual GED qualification must typically take a foundation year if they choose to study at an international university outside of Oman. In contrast, A-Levels allows students to progress to the first year of their chosen degree course at an international university.

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