As an institution, we pride ourselves on our commitment to promote a safe and healthy lifestyle for all our students.

The Sports programme is specially designed to encourage teamwork, lifelong participation, physical activity and sporting excellence. The primary aim is for students to enjoy and participate in a number of sports options including football, basketball, swimming, track and a wide variety of other activities.   

Our Physical Education teachers are experienced at nurturing sporting talent to enable students to reach their full potential. Any students who wish to further develop their skills are encouraged to take part in our trials to join one of our successful sports teams. 

Our partnership with Nautilus Swimming Club provides opportunities for students at all experience levels to develop their swimming skills and fitness. The Swimming Academy also identifies students who have the potential to become elite swimmers and join the Knowledge Gate International School Swim Squad.  These students receive a programme aimed at developing the whole athlete, not just a physically fit athlete.  These high achieving students develop the knowledge, physical literacy and mindset needed to compete at an international level and reach their goals.