Post 16

We provide Post 16 students with a world-class education that is intellectually stimulating, broadens horizons, and develops an international mindset.

Our highly qualified teachers are dedicated and experts in their respective subject matter. The school environment is designed to allow a high level standard of learning and study, and all of our subjects are extremely well resourced. We welcome students who wish to fulfil their true potential and take the first steps towards a happy and successful adult life.

Personalised Pathways

The school offers a range of personalised pathways at Post 16 where students are offered a wide choice of subjects, by studying either A Level or the Ministry of Oman’s Bilingual GED syllabus. All pathways are delivered by combining the best of traditional face to face teaching, with technology-based learning. This effective combination of academic and digitally-enhanced learning is a key success factor when it comes to equipping students with the skills to move seamlessly from our institution to university or high-end employment.

A Level

This pathway offers students the opportunity to specialise in four subjects at Post 16. A Level is widely chosen by our students as it is recognised and respected by top universities worldwide. To this end the programmes are content heavy and an excellent pathway for students to gain a strong base in the subject or field they wish to specialise in at university.


Oman Bilingual GED (Thanawiyah Amma)

This pathway, approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Oman, is offered in Grades 11 and 12. It is typically completed by Omani students but is open to students from other countries. Students study nine subjects, with Maths, English, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Social Studies and one science subject being the six core (compulsory) subjects.  These are complimented by three electives chosen by the student.  All subjects are studied in English, except Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies.

The level expected of students in this programme is high and the subject specifications are based on the Cambridge A Level programme.  Students who successfully complete this course receive a qualification recognised and endorsed by the Ministry of Education in Oman which allows entry to university both nationally and internationally. Students who achieve excellent results are also eligible to apply and receive scholarships from the Ministry of Higher Education to enter university.