Open For Learning In-Person And Online

Un-Interrupted Learning Guaranteed

At Knowledge Gate International School, we are proud to be leading the way in Oman by quickly adapting and delivering a seamless learning experience whether in person or online.  

We ensure that our children are equipped with the skills and attitudes required to take on any challenge now and in the future. Knowledge Gate International School’s dynamic delivery means that, in this ever-changing environment, our private school in Muscat is always prepared for all eventualities ensuring our students do not miss out on a moment of their education.


Online Learning

Curriculum and Tools

The live virtual school has been made possible through a range of tools and technologies that are already embedded into everyday practice at Knowledge Gate International School, including the Google Classroom Suite. As a result, we continue to deliver our normal curriculum in all phases. Every single lesson has live teacher input, constant supervision and personalised support throughout. Students are given time to work independently, to collaborate with each other and to work in smaller virtual groups. Teachers provide targeted feedback to ensure that everyone makes progress in their learning journey.

Wellbeing in a virtual school environment 

One physical activity every day

Remove devices from bedrooms

Reduce screen time

Ensure at least 8 hours sleep

Balance screen brightness with workplace

Posture is key

Take frequent breaks

What our parents say

“I write to thank the whole Faculty Team for their hard work in making the transition to online learning so easy and smooth.  Knowledge Gate International School was fully prepared in advance should a shutdown happen, and online learning commenced immediately ensuring the children did not miss a single day of school.  I cannot express how easy this has made life for parents, and indeed for the students in staying in a normal routine.  This could not have been an easy task and shows proper planning, great leadership and complete dedication to education.” 

"We thank you for the extensive and remarkable efforts you have made for us as parents, and for the extraordinary work you have undertaken for our kids.  The excellent achievement and accomplishment of your team made online study possible immediately meaning that our children didn’t lose valuable learning time during this unpredictable circumstance.  We extend our highest gratitude to the whole team.  We are so proud that our kids belong to Knowledge Gate International School and we always feel safe within your care knowing that every student is treated as though they were your own child.” 

"Please accept my congratulations.  I have been amazed to see the arrangements for online learning rolled out in such a short period of time.  It seems like we are stepping into a new level of education.  Please extend my thanks to every single teacher.” 

“Knowledge Gate International School has been a perfect fit for both of my kids over the last 6 years.  They have flourished academically and matured in a positive and happy environment, motivated by committed and engaged teachers, supported by a professional management team.  Knowledge Gate International School has a special place in our hearts.  I have been most impressed by the Knowledge Gate International School provision during this challenging Covid 19 outbreak.  The prompt, calmly planned and surprisingly smooth shift to virtual learning to ensure that students are safe and continue to receive quality education is highly appreciated.  The level of support and guidance through open and clear channels of communication with parents has been amazing.” 

“I would like to say thank you to all at Knowledge Gate International School for providing the students with this excellent opportunity.  I am thrilled with the online school as it helps my kids to manage their time at home more effectively.  Thank you once again and keep up the great work.”