Preschool Education in Muscat

Our Kindergarten School in Al Hail South, Muscat offers personalised, preschool education in a caring, safe, and supportive setting. Our highly-experienced educators nurture young children in their transition into the school environment to ensure that they are free to thrive and develop creative, curious and inquisitive minds from their very first day.

As one of the most highly-recommended British Kindergartens in Muscat, we are committed to ensuring that every young child fulfils their potential with access to an exceptional early years curriculum.

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Why Choose our Kindergarten in Al Hail South, Muscat?

Our Kindergarten in Muscat is rated "Outstanding" for safeguarding practices that meet the highest international standards. We provide the ideal Kindergarten environment for those seeking a calm, inviting, organised, and vibrant early years setting that nurtures every child. While in our care, children thrive with valuable opportunities to develop their skills as unique individuals who possess unlimited potential.

We follow the Reggio Emilia-inspired approach to infant education, enabling young students to gain confidence in their learning. The long-established approach is exploratory in nature, yet it is interspersed with structured lessons in phonics, literacy and numeracy to foster core competencies. To make sure that no child falls behind, any children that require additional help may receive extra individualised teaching time during school hours.

The Kindergarten stage is a crucial period in every child’s life; therefore, in collaboration with parents and guardians, our teachers maintain a constant focus on personal, social, physical and emotional development. We aim to ensure youngsters acquire the tools necessary to be the best version of themselves, enjoy the process of learning, and transition to Grade 1 successfully.


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Kindergarten Options

Our Kindergarten is ideal for all families seeking high-quality, international preschool education in Muscat. We offer various flexible scheduling options for those seeking to enrol their child on a part-time or full-time basis.

We are committed to ensuring that our Kindergarten programme caters for the children we support and can design a bespoke preschool schedule to address specific requirements upon request.

British Kindergarten Curriculum

At our international Kindergarten, children are taught a curriculum aligned with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the highly-respected National Curriculum implemented in accredited UK preschools, nurseries and Early Education Centres. The EYFS framework is adopted by hundreds of international early education schools worldwide and incorporates the following:


Literacy Curriculum

Reading is taught through traditional phonics, and all children are encouraged to develop the habit of reading for pleasure. Youngsters are encouraged to continue their reading journeys each day by taking home story books from our well-stocked library.


Numeracy Curriculum

Teachers combine traditional mathematic resources with modern technology to enhance understanding. Children use age-appropriate iPads to help them grasp basic mathematics and numeracy skills.


Understanding of the World

Young minds are curious about the world we live in. We help them navigate their environment through an exploratory kindergarten humanities programme that is fun, inclusive and tolerant.


Expressive Arts and Design

Under the guidance of specialist art teachers who teach our Kindergarten Art and Design curriculum, young children enjoy access to high-quality creative facilities. They can express themselves in active music, PE and drama lessons.

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Languages in Our Kindergarten

Our British-style Kindergarten is led by native English early educators. As the main language of instruction across the school, the Kindergarten language syllabus aims to supports speaking, reading, and writing in English and Arabic as early as possible to give children an excellent foundation for the Reception year. Staff members incorporate a range of fun and engaging communication and language activities that help young children confidently explore their burgeoning language skills.

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Facilities at Our Kindergarten

Children are welcomed into a calm, secure and well-organised campus that adheres to international safety regulations. Rated "Outstanding" for Safeguarding, our well-designed school is equipped with traditional and digital resources that encourage a love of learning, stimulate creativity, and bring the curriculum to life.

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Kindergarten Teachers

To support the work of Kindergarten practitioners, the school allocates experienced teaching assistants to every class. Additionally, we enforce a low student-to-educator ratio to ensure that children are given adequate attention to help them reach their developmental milestones. At the preschool stage, Kindergarten staff help identify barriers to learning and swiftly implement interventions via small teaching groups or individual support.

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Activities at Our Kindergarten

For our Kindergarten community, the path to learning extends beyond the classroom. In-class activities are enhanced through a wide range of exciting, outdoor opportunities and tailored trips that expand the understanding of our preschool syllabus. Young learners may also participate in a varied, kindergarten-oriented, co-curricular programme. Programme activities commence at the end of the school day and include coach and teacher-led cookery, arts & crafts, sports, and swimming lessons.

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