A-Level Education in Muscat

A-Levels (Advanced Levels) are an internationally recognised, UK-accredited qualification pathway. The 2-year, post-16 course is highly regarded as a practical pre-university course and provides students with a clear route to undergraduate programmes in the UK and worldwide.

Benefits of A-Level Study

A-Levels benefit senior students who wish to access tailored, international study that helps them specialise in specific disciplines. As an internationally-respected qualification, A-Levels give our learners the very best chance of progressing to the highest-ranked universities in the world.


Why Study our A-Level Course in Muscat?

A-Level courses in Muscat vary widely in their educational approach, subject options and student outcomes. Our school has an outstanding track record of helping students gain A-Level qualifications with results that are consistently above international averages. At our school, 25% of Omani students who wish to follow the A-Level pathway and attend an international university upon graduation receive support to apply for a government-funded scholarship.

Each of our A-Level teachers is a UK-trained native English speaker, which gives our students the distinct advantage in becoming bilingual. Teaching staff integrate unrivalled premium language tuition into daily learning and help students expand their vocabulary and fluency in different contexts. Our A-Level graduates emerge from their course as proficient, confident language users who are well-prepared for the professional world.

A-Level entrants and their families are supported by academic staff so that they are able to make informed decisions regarding their subject choices. This careful consideration is extended to each student so they can plan their progression routes well before graduation and maximise their chances of successful entry to the university of their choice. The school's Learning Support Team provides a comprehensive careers and university application service, utilising their long-held experience in international university admissions to help applicants secure entry to top institutions across the globe. 

A-Level class sizes are kept to a limited number at our school, which means each student always receives personalised attention and the support they need to engage with the syllabus. Our teachers are fully committed to addressing each student's needs and abilities and offer regular tutorials that expand upon classroom-based learning. 

A-Level education marks the final two years of school, and we aim to ensure students fully explore the options available to them upon leaving KGIS. In addition to receiving the support of personalised careers and university counsellors, our A-Level candidates are encouraged to take advantage of workshops, university fairs and internship opportunities. 


A-Level Programme

The International A-Level (Advanced Level) curriculum is a two-year programme of pre-university study, comprised of the first year, the AS stage (Advanced Subsidiary Level), and the second year, the A2 stage. To receive a full A-Level qualification for a subject, students must complete both years of study.

The A-Level programme effectively prepares learners for university-level education, which is why institutions worldwide hold International AS and A-Level qualifications in high regard. AS and A-Level classes develop learners’ knowledge, understanding and skills by:

  • Delivering in-depth subject material
  • Developing independent thinking strategies
  • Fostering subject knowledge and supporting the ability to apply understanding to new and familiar contexts
  • Supporting the analysis and evaluation of various types of data and information
  • Promoting logical thinking and the ability to present clear and well-thought opinions
  • Developing the ability to make judgements, recommendations and decisions
  • Encouraging students to make rational explanations, understand the implications of their actions and communicate them logically and clearly
  • Enabling students to work and communicate in English.


A-Level Subjects

Our A-Level subjects list is the widest-ranging in Oman. Students on the A-Level pathway may select options not readily available at other A-Level schools, such as Psychology and Sociology, allowing them to specialise in specific subjects or areas of study they are interested in and may want to pursue at university. This course has no compulsory subjects, so our students have complete autonomy over their learning.

Students may choose from the following:

English Literature

Pure Mathematics
Further Mathematics


Social Sciences
Business Studies
Computer Science


Performing Arts

Creative Arts


Physical Education


A-Level Grading System

For each subject component, students will receive a grade from A* to E, with A* being the highest grade. A single grade for each subject will be calculated based on final assessments, and all entrants will be given documentation of their achievements with certification administered by the examination board.

A-Level Entry Requirements

To apply for the A-Level programme, prospective students require a minimum of five IGCSEs at Grade 4 or above, including English. Students should also have achieved a minimum of Grade 5 in Year 11 for any A-Level subject chosen. Certain subjects, such as Maths and Physics, require a minimum Grade 6 in Year 11 final exams.

A-Level Teachers

Our dedicated team of A-Level teachers have been hand-selected due to their long-standing experience and high success rate in achieving fantastic results for students. They are all subject specialists who are well-qualified and experienced in the UK to ensure complete familiarity and understanding of the A-Level specification requirements.

Differences Between A-Levels & the National Diploma

A-Level education differs from the Omani Diploma in many ways. A-Level qualifications are accredited by awarding bodies in the UK and can lead to university entry in 130 countries worldwide, including the UK, Ireland, the US, Australia and New Zealand. The A-Level option offers a combination of 3-4 subjects. 

The bilingual Oman GED is the final qualification awarded to students following the national curriculum. It comprises a core programme and optional subjects and is ideal for graduates who wish to attend an Omani university. National curriculum students who want to apply to international institutions may need to sit additional entry examinations.

A-Level Assessment

The A Level assessment system is modular, meaning that students take examinations at the end of each module, rather than at the end of the entire course. This provides several benefits, including giving students feedback on their progress throughout the course, and providing them with the opportunity to resit exams if they do not initially achieve the desired grade. Modularisation also allows students to focus on a smaller number of subjects at a time, which can help to reduce stress and increase their chances of success.


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